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How to choose AGV power supply
1:AGV ni-cd battery
High resistance, heavy current discharging available, small voltage fluctuation when discharged. Able to bear over-charging over-discharging, easy to operate, voltage might be little different according to discharging current, probably at 1.2V. The final discharging voltage will be 1.0V/CELL, -20℃-60℃ of serviceability temperature, 500 times of charging and discharging available at such temperature range.
2:AGV ni-mh battery
The ni-mh battery has twice capacity more than ni-cd battery, one-hour quick charge available when using special charger, better self-discharging performance than ni-cd battery, longer storage time after charging, more than 500 times of charging and discharging cycle.
3:AGV Li battery
With high energy density, comparing with high-capacity ni-cd battery, it has 1.5 times more of volume density and 2 times more of energy density. High voltage, the average working voltage is 3.6V, which is 3 times more than ni-cd and ni-mh, with stable working voltage and high capacity. The serviceability temperature is from -20℃ to 60℃, long lifetime for charging and discharging, 70% capacity remained after 500 times of discharging. The key feature of Li battery is high energy density, high voltage, and stability.
4:AGV lead-acid battery
The lead-acid battery is one of the most-used batteries, the negative pole is sponge-shaped lead, and the positive pole is lead dioxide, which of these two are called active material, they attend chemical reaction with sulfuric acid electrolyte. The lead-acid battery has fine reversibility, stable voltage, long lifetime, wide usage range, rich original materials, regeneration and low cost. It’s been mainly used for transportation, mines, ports, national defense, computing, science research and all other fields, and it’s the necessary product for social production management and human life.

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