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   The way of AGV guidance is the developing technology. Currently, optics plus computing guidance technology is widely being used. The next move will be self-guidance, which is the most advanced guidance technology. There are two modes of AGV turning, one is the differential speed turning control, which now is being adopted by military tank. One side of the wheels moves faster than the other side, so it turns. Sensors installed on both front sides can detect turning signal, the width detector on the vehicle will decide turning width according to the signal intensity of both sides.

   The other turning mode is steering wheel turning, usually vehicle of this mode has only one front wheel, and moves forward through installed guidance tape. When relative position difference detected, the vehicle steers to fix this. This type of vehicles are usually used as assembly line vehicles, pull type vehicles, unidirectional loading vehicles, storage rack vehicles, fork trucks and light-loading vehicles. But the differential speed turning device can be used on assembly line vehicles, unidirectional loading vehicles, fork trucks and light-loading vehicles, not on pull type vehicles or manual vehicles like storage rack vehicles.

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