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People use AGV to finish transportation instead of manpower, which is a great help for enterprise technology development, also betters working environment, promotes automation production level, effectively releases labor productive forces, relieves labors working intensity, reduces employees, optimizes productive structure, saves the manpower, physical and financial resources. In this way, it really helps to build the productive environment of human-machine friendly, harmony,science and civilization.

  Shenzhen OK Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd is a private-owned high-tech enterprise who has an integrative system of R&D, manufacturing, and sales of AGV complete appliance and other accessories We aim to keep independent innovation, and have been focusing in professional R&D and manufacturing of AGV high technology, we also have strong solution for system integration and automation logistic to meet different personal strict requirements from clients. The complete appliances and various components have been sold to major cities and provinces in China.

    Some considerations for choosing AGV    
1. Safety

  Vehicle body is a key part for moving, also the main supporting device for other components assembly. Due to the possible crash between AGV and pedestrian or other objects when moving, no dangerous parts like sharp points or any other  protuberance are allowed on the surface of the body except necessary operation.

  A roadblock contact bumper must be installed on AGV in order to prevent damage caused by crash, and to ensure the safety of human and objects nearby. The roadblock contact bumper is usually installed at the front and back side of the vehicle body, and the material must be soft and flexible, so even crash happens, there won’t be bad damage for the crashed human or objects.

  The roadblock approaching detecting device is the assistant device for roadblock contact bumper. Within the effective range, AGV must be safe for all situations, so within this range, this device will ensure AGV moves at a suitable speed, reduces inertia and stops slowly, it’s also the safety device which preworks before roadblock contact bumper’s effective work. AGV will automatically resume to normal driving status when roadblock removed.

  The alarm device is for AGV moving status notification and attention of the surrounding. AGV should contain various alarm device like auto-mode running indicating light, alarm indicating light and buzzer.

  Emergency stopping device: There must be an emergency stopping device to protect itself when under abnormal situation. An emergency stopping device must be installed on a easy-spotted and convenient-operated place. With simple operation such as a push button, the vehicle should should stop under emergency situation. By the way, this device should have system chain protection function.   

2. Expansibility 

3. Hazard rate and maintainability   

4. After-sale service 

5. Price

  By the way, the usage of AGV should follow some principles like meeting the productive quotas, further development for user, suitable size and load according to technics and transportation, guidance mode, charging mode. In limited space, an optimal solution should be arranged according to system requirement in order to achieve the shortest and simplest route. Interference should be avoided for better efficiency and lower cost.

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