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1.Storage Industry
The storage industry should be the first occasion for AGV usage. In 1954, the world’s first AGV had been put into operation for auto-transportation of the product in and out of storage at the warehouse of Mercury Motor Freight Company in South Carolina, USA. Currently, there are about 20,000 different AGVs operating in 2100 warehouses of different scales in the world. In the stereoscopic warehouses running started in 2000 by Haier Group, a flexible in-warehouse auto-transportation system of 9 AGVs has been helping the daily transportation of 23400 products and accessories storage and delivery.

2.Manufacturing Industry
AGV fully displays its capability on productive lines of manufacturing industry to finish transportation high-effectively, precisely and flexibly. What’s more, numerous AGVs can be built as a flexible logistic transportation system, and the transportation route can be adjusted according to the change of production technics flow, which makes it possible to manufacture dozen of products on a productive line, and greatly increase productive flexibility and competition of the enterprise. In 1974, for promoting the flexibility of transportation system, the Volvo Kalmar car assembly plant of Sweden adopted the automatic car assembly line based on the AGVS transportation tool, this assembly line was made up of numerous AGVS that can load the car bodies. Using this assembly line helped to decrease 20% of assembly time, 39% of assembly failure rate, 57% of capital return time, 5% of manpower. Currently, AGV have been widely used on the manufacturing and assembly line at the world’s main automobile factories like GM,Toyota, Chrysler, Volkswagen, etc. In recent years, being as the basic transportation tool of CIMS, AGV have been deeply used in machining, home appliance manufacturing, micro-electronics manufacturing,tobacco and other industries. It’s the manufacturing and processing industry being the most widely one that AGV used in.

3.Post offices, libraries, harbors, and airports
In post offices, libraries, harbors and airports, workload of the transportation changes frequently, also workflow should be adjusted frequently, and it’s really boring for workers doing the transportation regularly, but the AGV concurrent working, automation, intelligence and flexibility can solve all the above problems and meet the transportation requirements. At Great Stockholm Postoffice of Sweden in 1983, Tama Postoffice of Tokyo, Japan in 1988, Shanghai Post Pivot of Shanghai, China in 1990, AGV began to be used to accomplish the mail transportation. In Port of Rotterdam, 50 AGV called “yard tractors” accomplished the regular job that carrying containers from ships to warehouse of hundreds of yards away.

4.Tobacco, Medicine, Food, Chemistry
It’s highly valued for the AGV usage in the tobacco, medicine, food, chemistry and other industry which needs clean, safe, and pollute-less transportation. In numerous tobacco enterprises in China like Qingdao Yizhong Group, Yuxi Hongta Group, Honghe Tobacco Factory, Huaiyin Tobacco Factory, the laser guidance AGV have been using for the transportation of pallet products.

5.Dangerous Places and Special Industry
For military, a special purpose device with detection and disassembly which based on AGV auto-driving can be used for battlefield clearance of mines and positon detection. MINDER Recce, a detecting vehicle developing by UK military, is the automatic detecting vehicle with mine detection, destruction, and guidance verification. At steel factory, workers use AGV to carry the burden materials to lessen their labor intensity. At nuclear plant and flash-keeping and storage facility using nuclear radiation, people use AGV for stuff transportation to prevent dangerous radiation. In film warehouse, AGV can carry materials and semi-products precisely in dark environment.

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