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Ground conditions for AGV movement:

1. Ground load capacity 1.5T/m2(normally), special load requires different ground load capacity, ground permitting presure intensity 1.5mPa. 

2. Ground uneveness <10mm among the area 4000mm*2000mm. 

3. The ground must be able to release AGV static, insulative resistance must <108 (anti-static board must be installed if not fullfilled) The floor must stay clean and dry during movement. Any ground floor connector, garbage, fluid, ground detergent can compromise AGV moving ability.  Static operation and wheels over work may lead components scap. 

4. AGV moving ground should adopt concrete structure in principle. But any magnetic guided AGV ground clearance must above 80mm. Underground metal or cables may lead influence to navigation of certain types of AGV. Metal pipes or metal things under auto doors will influence magnetic navigation, small range of metal will not influence the AGV movement.  

5.  Expansion joint, settlement joint, seismic joint, and split joint, there are requirements for thes joints:

a) Avoid any joints in the AGV path. Need to consider the position of detailed layer face, size and AGV path plan. 

b) Without special treatment, AGV can pass the joint under 5mm.

c)  For any joint width 5-50mm, can fill the upper side with bitumen factice, fill lower side with 100mm plastic stripes embeded foam, or fill M10 concrete mortar, on the surface it's organic silicon paper as insulation layer.  

d)  For any joints 50-450mm width, use metal board. 

e)  For  settlement joint, use special way or tools to deal with,  like CoGri Joint Stabilisers (CJS).  Ground load capacity is different from forklift,  fixed AGV path,  AGV use polyurethane to replace  aerated wheel. So AGV path must fullfill certain load capacity:  Ground loading per square must be higher than the AGV horizontal projected area loading.    

6.  Other architecture requirement: ground fasioning makes the AGV moves smooth,  it works on the surface of ground,  to put another layer of concrete, exposy resin, P type resin, wood floor or other chemical fiber, to raise the eveness of the floor, reduce joints influence to the AGV.  

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