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Introduction of AGV types

OK Lurking Pull AGV
There are two functions, lurking and back-pulling, of this AGV, it can lurk under the table cart, pull the cart by electric lifting hook, or pull by back hook. The AGV and table cart will separate automatically when table cart is pulled to specific location. Then move under the empty table cart and pull it away. This AGV is widely used for the material transportation of heavy industry workshop and automobile accessories plant.

AGV Lurking Back-Pull AGV

Autok Bidirectional Knapsack Roller AGV
The Bidirectional Knapsack Roller AGV can be used for putting on finished magazine or turnover box. This AGV stops by station and accomplish the round-trip transportation between A-B or multiple stations, it’s been widely used for material transportation in electronic factory or home appliance industry.

Bidirectional Driving Roller AGV

Photo of Bidirectional Roller AGV Application 
Bidirectional Driving Roller AGV

Multi-station Knapsack AGV
Put material cases on the back, complete material transportation between one-to-many sites through magnetic tape guidance, or selective automatic transportation through calling system. This AGV is suitable for the production system with frequent transportation and long material-supplying cycle
 Knapsack Pull AK-AGV500

Autok Pull AGV
This AGV is flexible for transportation, just hook the material cart, the AGV will pull the material cart to the specific location and unload though reading position from magnetic guidance tape. This AGV is widely used for material transportation at electric factory.

Back-Pull AGV AK-D300


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