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The first one is the full automation AGV technology of European & American countries

This type of technology pursuits automation of AGV, which needs no manual operation, and it has complicated route plans and production flows for almost any transportation. These AGV are much functioned and developed, modularization helps to reduce design cost and increase level of batch production. People have given up the pursuit of shape for AGV from western countries, but produce by the way of large-part assembly. Products have wide coverage series: all driving mode, guidance mode, loader and unloader, the loading capability could be from 50kg to 60,000kg (60 ton). Nevertheless, the price of these AGV is still pretty high due to the limitation of technology and function. In China, few enterprises can produce such products, who also have the same level as international.

The second one is the simple type AGV technology of Japan

It’s called AGC (Automated Guided Cart), who pursuits simple operation and usage, helps users to recover investment cost in the shortest time, and being widely used in Japan and Taiwan enterprises. Most of AGC, AGV produced in Japan are the same as this type according to quantity. It has real simple usage (fixed route and process) for transportation, but not for auto-loading and unloading. Mostly the simple magnetic tape guidance is used. Since Japanese basic industry are much developed, AGC manufacturers just need to add the most simplest functional parts to the AGC, which greatly reduces cost for using. These AGC were widely used in 1980s of Japan, and the peak in 2002 to 2003. Due to low requirements of technology for these products, now many enterprises in China can make the production.

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