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The overwhelming AGV
When people complain they work like a machine, actually a machine can work like a man, even gets the job done better.
Carrying, sorting, stacking, fitting, polishing, cutting, welding, printing, assembling...... A industry robot can almost do everything. “Only install proper operator at the end of general robot, do the right programming into control box, theoretically speaking it can do everything.” One of the senior robot R&D personnel emphasized, a robot has no need to rest, no complain to boss, no overtime pay, no job-hopping, and never jump down from a building.  

From the “OEM empire” Foxconn with nearly 100,000 employees, to small new-born enterprise with few people, AGV have already been serving on more and more manufacturing line of China manufacturing industry.

Data displayed that China is one of the countries with the highest increasing rate for robots, the sales of last year was 226 million sets, and the total sales was about 700 million sets, year-on-year growth was 51%, while it was less than 40% in the US and Germany. The sales volume of Chinese industry robot in 2014 is expected to be No.1 in the world.

The sales volume of Fanuc of Japan, Kuka of Germany and other companies in China had increased by 100%, some leading international robot manufacturers that has yet come to China, now are making their plans. At the same time, in China robot manufacturing industry, Xinsong of Shenyang, Digit Ctrl. of Guangzhou and other old brands are having a competition with international brands, and Zhongweixin, Lixunda, Shenzhen OK, etc are the new recruits. They all realize that under labor force shortage and cost increasing, the Chinese industry robot market is becoming really hot.
People sometimes love machines, and sometimes hate. 80 years ago, Chaplin displayed the opposition between human and machines in <Modern Times>, the simple tasks on the flow line of great industry time nearly turned people into machines, and the machine was the simplest pronoun. For about half a centry, human has already accommodate themselves into the convenience from machines, machines everywhere from production to life.

  And now, human and machines will have another confrontation. The intelligent robots separate human from simple, repeated and boring mechanical jobs, while take away labors’ living space.
More robots on the production line

At CHINA HIGH-TECH FAIR OF SHENZHEN one month ago, a transportation AGV was highly concentrated, this robot vehicle was less than 1 meter long, shaped as metal-skin box, had the speed of 60m/min. After installing double-deck frame, the AGV moved along the magnetic route installed on the ground, carried products from one end of workshop flow line to another.  The salesperson calculated for the client while demonstrated, this standard AGV equaled three porters or drivers plus transport cart. If paid 3500 minimum RMB to every person per month, the monthly sum would be 10,500 RMB. Excepting operation and maintenance charge of a robot, enterprise can save 12,600 RMB as payment, meanwhile the production efficiency could be 20% more. “If calculated for a 100-million output-value factory, it would be 20 million RMB benefit”. It’s said that one of large OEM factory has already introduced this AGV on its assembly line.

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