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From birth, AGV technology has improved revolutionarily, especially the technology progress in guidance, control, safety and other key technologies, makes AGV possess the modern robot technologies. With the development of AGV performance, AGV are used not only in industry, agriculture, national defense, medical and service, but also in harmful fields of danger removing, arresting, rescuing, radiation and space, etc. It’s almost completely suitable for storage,  manufacturing, post office, library, port, airport, tobacco, medicine, food, chemical, dangerous plant and special industry, so AGV technology has been concentrated by the whole world.

According to the development of AGV technology, the guidance technology is the key for AGV. Electric-magnetic sensor guidance has been widely used, and the laser guidance is the mainstream technology for now. Visual guidance researching has become really hot. Inertia guidance, ultrasound guidance and magnetic marker-top guidance are being concentrated. Single guidance technology cannot solve the cost, flexibility, reliability, positioning accuracy and other performance index problem, and low-cost, highly-reliable sensor, combined guidance and information integration technology should be researched for further steps. It’s born and developed with flexible processing system, flexible assembly system, computer integrated manufacturing system, automation tiered warehouse. In general view, the AGV application has just started in China, equaling the level of 1980s in developed countries. But to see by applied industries, the application is wide in automobile, aircraft manufacturing, home appliance industries, etc., which means that there is a great potential market for AGV. In the future, there will be more improvement in intelligence, information, flexibility, nimbleness, energy saving and greenization, which will play an more important role in industry modernization construction.

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