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   The First Industrial Revolution Began in England in the 18th century, the important symbol was people used steamer powered machine instead of manual tools, production efficiency of human society had increased greatly. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, human entered the Second Industrial Revolution with the wide usage of electricity. People extracted petroleum, developed internal combustion engine and promoted new traffic tools like cars, after the World War Two, the Second Industrial Revolution had had its summit.

   When in 21st century, carbon emission has made the loading capability of nature reach to the top, the production efficiency cannot cover labor cost, the economy of developed countries are having their winter. Especially since the financial crisis in 2008, though America have used loose and twisted operation, Europe have promoted stabilizer, Central Bank of Europe announced to start “Direct currency transaction”, China gave 4 trillion RMB investment, global economy still could not get rid of decreasing in growth rate and high unemployment rate. The reason is the old economic mode is hard to be continued.

   The global economic mode that America consumed, China and other developing countries manufactured, Australia, Brazil supplied resources, which was no longer existed. 20 years ago, a normal family debt covered 83% of income in USA; 10 years ago, this rate increased to 92%; in 2007, it’s more than 130 %. In 2010, the rate of US family debt to GDP is 100%; while it was 65% when in mid 1990s. The US has entered debt age, the American consumers are not able to support global economic growth by their own purchasing ability. Which results in China trade surplus decreasing and so even does the absolute amount of foreign deposit; the price of iron ore and index of polo are decreasing rapidly.

   In such a case, the US proposed “New industry Revolution”, Europe proposed “Re-industrialized”, and China proposed “7 Major Strategies as Key Supports to New  Developing Industries ”. Polo McGetly, the UK economist, believed that the Third Industrial Revolution was coming, which based on Internet, new material and new energy and “digital intelligent manufacturing”, while the objects of “digital intelligent manufacturing” were the industrial robots.

   The key technology of robot is movement control, industrial robots are being developed in two ways. One is human arm stimulation for multi-dimensional movement, shown classically in spot and arc welding robots. The other one is for lower limbs stimulation for material transportation and conveyance. The robot performance will be stronger by program optimizing and with the development of micro-electric, new materials, controlling and sensing and other new technologies.

   Below picture is the OKAGV
  China started to research and manufacture industry robots in 1970s, in which was 20-years later than the developed economies, but improved rapidly. It’s been long time that zero custom duties were needed for importing robots, so the Chinese robot manufacturers were struggling, but they have grown up healthily even under stresses, and some of the advanced technologies and products are still No.1 in the world.

  With worldwide No.1 robot manufacturers, the greatest industry robot market, and the supporting from national science policy, it’s not an expectation or a dream that Chinese robot manufacturers to be the leader of the Third Industrial Revolution.

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