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   With the updating of science and technology, developing of age, AGV has become the prospective logistics transportation equipment, especially been regarded as the most effective material transportation equipment for flexible manufacturing system (FMS). Now AGV are more available for enterprises, and the demand for AGV from users are various. There’s much improvement in technology since the birth of AGV, especially in guidance, control, safety and other key technologies, which has made AGV have the present robot technical characters. Shenzhen OK Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional high-tech enterprise specialized in AGV researching, developing and manufacturing. After years of hard fighting, now Autok has become a strong AGV manufacturer of automation industry, our products has long history of market test, which has been recognized by worldwide users. We will provide cost-effective service and keep it better to our clients by updating technology, improving products and perfecting service. (Below picture is Autok Lurking Pull Type AGV)

AGV’s control core is the micro-controller, and it’s the driverless automatic guided transportation vehicle powered by battery, equipped with non-contact guidance equipment. The basic function of operation is guidance driving, accurate parking, loading and unloading. As the key equipment for current logistics automatic processing and flexible manufacturing system, AGV have been used more in flexible manufacturing industry and automation factories. Its high-efficient, energy-saving, working-reliable, flexible transportation and other advantages have greatly increased automation degree and production efficiency. (Below picture is the case of Autok Lurking Pull Type AGV in workshop)

   The outstanding feature of AGV is driverless, which ensures system can drive automatically without manual operation, it has fine flexibility, automation and intelligence. AGV also can be set flexibly according to the needs of storage section, production technics flow, and it has lower price in route change than the traditional conveyor or fixed conveyor line. If equipped with loading and unloading equipment, OKAGV can connect automatically with other logistics equipment, for the whole-process automation of material transportation, loading and unloading. What’s more, the AGV is pretty clean, powered by battery, noiseless and pollution-free, suitable for clean-required plants.

   If you think you are genius, welcome to join us. We would like to have sincere cooperation with our clients for a better future.

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