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   AGV in Europe and America In nearly all the industries of Occident, AGV are being used in where needs transportation.In Europe, a single laser guidance back-fork type AGV costs about 100,000 euros, which equals the cost of 3 fork workers in one year (AGV is able to work 24 hrs as 3 shifts). That’s to say it takes less than 1 year for cost recovering after investing one AGV in Europe, the enterprisers even can save the troubles of demand of pay rising and social insurance. The key element is the cost of labor, then is enterprise management and demand of safety of goods.

   So the Occident still have great needs for AGV. The developments of AGV between Occident and Japan are different, people pursuit the automation of AGV, route planning and production flow are complicated and changeable almost without any manual intervention. The improved functions and advanced technologies with building block design can help lower design cost and improve standards of mass production.Europe has already given up the pursuit of appearance and shape of AGV, but produced in large-parts-assembly way. Product series has wide ranges: all driving modes, all guidance modes, and all transferring and loading facilities. The loading capability can be from 50 kg to 60000kg (60 tons). Currently, the maximum loading capability reaches 150 tons with 16 driving wheels. The speed of AGV used in automatic container wharf reaches 5m/s (18km/h) and it’s said that the 3rd generation with speed over 50km/h are being developing. Japan mostly uses simple-type AGV technology (AGC-Automatic Guided Cart)This technology pursuits simple application to help users finish the cost recovery. This type of AGV are widely used in Japan and Taiwan, and it’s been used massively by some enterprises in China.AGV has great performance in simple production occasion (usually for the simple route and fixed low), it’s just for transportation but not for spectacular loading and unloading function,it adopts the simple magnetic tape guidance. For Japanese developed basic industry, the manufacturing enterprises can deploy the simplest functioning accessories, which makes the AGV cost the lowest .

   AGV in China
Now there are more and more enterprises being able to manufacture AGV and AGC, which means we all see the marketing potential of the product, the must be a great demand for AGV system due to the promotion of automation production, storage and transportation of all the industries in China.

   Since 1979, it’s been more than 30 years that China brith control policy has been put into effect, more 421 family trees (4 elders, a couple and a kid)in the cities are forming in few years from now on, the young couple will become prop of family and pillar of society, the families and society will carry heavy bags, so the labor cost will certainly and greatly increase (which is improved by the labor shortage of the recent two years ). The only way to fight with high labor cost is to improve production effectively, which is the automation production level. AGV will certainly have great market in the future as it’s the most flexible automation transportation equipment.

 The market of China is giant, and the demands of AGV are much different, both AGV and AGC will have great development in the future. People will pay more attention to the combination of manufacturing management, logistics management and technic route for AGV development, make it more humanized and effective for technology.The loading capability of OKAGV will be stronger, the guidance modes will be more and used mixablely, it’s not only driven by electric ( but also engine + hydraulic pressure server), various power supplies (CPS contact-less energy transmission, automatic battery replacement,on-vehicle charger,etc). It’s not the simple transportation for the enterprises who can use such AGV, they require strictly for technic equipment and product quality improvement, for the integrated consideration of MES.

   It’s simpler for low-cost AGC application, many enterprises require material transportation, which is rhythmic mostly, the material consuming and time are direct proportional. Automobile, electronic and all the connecting flow industries are the most typical. The material demanding time and quantity are fixed, so complicated dispatching is not needed for such system (the flow can be fixed and preset.). Also the route is unique, so AGC doesn’t even need the optimal route judgment and complicated traffic control. Due to this reason, AGV cost is much lower. It’s the guidance control needed to be accomplished on AGC(some enterprises even don’t need speed closed-loop control ), the controller can also be much simpler. Frankly speaking, the S7-200 of Siemens can accomplish all these functions, it would be the single chip if it’s simpler and cheaper. So the cost of AGC will be very low, and the AGC manufacturer will have fine profit. With the  development of China basic industry, we can lower cost for many equipment, the mass application of AGV will fully come.

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