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In 1990s, a great technology improvement operated in China tobacco industry, roasting technology was promoted and new technic of pipe tobacco manufacturing was introduced. With the perfection of manufacturing technic, three major production lines (roasting, cutting, and packaging) had accomplished automation. In mid-late 1990s, some enterprises had questioned how to connect these three major production lines, and accomplish automatic production and informationtization management for the whole process of material, accessories input and finished product output, which was the automation logistics system rapidly promoted in China tobacco industry.AGV was introduced as the key equipment of automation logistics system.

General Usage
Xiong Chu (abbreviation for tobacco factory, same  below) is the earliest enterprise of tobacco industry to use AGV.

Yu Xi uses 52 Samsung electric-magnetic guidance AGV of South Korean,who is the enterprise with the most AGV system among China enterprises (34 laser guidance AGV were introduced recently, with the most advanced 8 system technology of the world.)
Shao Tong and Shi Hao used German inertia guidance AGV
Kun Ming, Hang Zhou and Chang De use laser guidance AGV (made by ROCLA) of SWISSLOG company.

Xia Men, Nan Chang, Wu Hu, Shen Zhen and Beng Bu use laser guidance AGV
Shang Hai (Formula house) used China-made electric-magnetic guidance AGV
Cheng Du used Taiwan-made electric-magnetic guidance AGV.

Liu Zhou and Nan Ning use laser guidance AGV of ROCLA
Hong He, Ning Bo, Nan Jing, Huai Yin, Xu Zhou,Long Yan, He Fei, Qing Zhou, Qu Jing, Wu Han, Cheng Du (new project) Xu Chang, Da Lian Tobacco, Yu Xi, Qing Dao, Shang Hai (accessories house), Lan Zhou, Shao Tong (new project), all of them use laser guidance AGV.

The application of AGV in China tobacco industry promotes the improvement of enterprise technology, improves the condition and environment of work, increases automation production level,releases labor production force effectively, lessens labor intensity and reduces employees, eliminates lagging production technic and equipment, optimizes production structure, saves manpower, materials and cost, builds the human-machine friendly, harmonious and scientific production environment, also good images of enterprises. It helps to gain fine economic benefits as well as fine social benefits.

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