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In 2014, it will be the inflection point from labor force surplus to lack.The demand of robots will greatly increase with the stepwise transfer of excess labor force in rural area to non-agricultural industry. A market with such great potential will certainly be contested. The foreign robot companies have set up producing bases in China, and the Chinese companies also have jumped into robot industry for a share.

For now, the intelligent robots are being developed and used in developed countries, the usage of AGV is the key measure to promote pillar industry developing and upgrading. It has obvious industry character for AGV when using, the  AGV densities (sets/10,000 workers) among different industries can be very different. It’s the automobile industry has the most AGV in the world,  then it’s the electronic industry. For example, the AGV density of Japan automobile industry is 1584 sets/10,000 workers, which is the No.1 in the world. Italy and America automobile industry comes after closely with densities of 1215 and 1176 sets/10,000 workers. Automobile industry and home appliance industry are the mainstay industries of China.

Currently industrial output of China is increasing by 14.5% of complexed average increasing rate, while the whole nation has greater demand of automation production. There’s an obvious trend in the 12th five-year plan that it’s been encouraged by the nation to select the OKAGV, the local supplier’s products instead of import.

More and more employees now are focusing on the salary and working environment, which makes all the factories increase the investment to the automation production. The plan “A million robots in three years” has been operated after jumping off the building and strike at Foxconn.The intelligent robot is the main carrier for digitalization, intelligentization, and informationalizing of the manufacturing industry.So it’s necessary to fasten development and promote the intelligent robots for the third industrial revolution.

Will the labor force resource be replaced when industrial robot comes? Actually, the industrial robots will only be used on heavy and simple tasks. It’s the best solution for robots replacing workers in abominable environment.

With the  decreasing of labor resource and higher price, we need more and more robots in China while the density is much lower than  the developed country’s. Though robots replace more and more workers,  but it  still needs labor force for robot operation, of which requires higher standard of labor force. So in the new age of digital information, more training of labor force is needed for turning Made in China to Created in China. (Chinese article comes from internet, translated by Michael Wen)

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