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Below are the 6 guidance technologies

1 、Electric-magnetic guidance - Send the specific alternating electric-magnetic signal to the installed wire under the floor of operation area, the AGV executes moving control by sensor detecting this signal.

2、Optical-electric guidance - To draw or install route in specific color and shape on the floor of operation area, AGV moves automatically by optical-electric sensor detecting graphic stripes and location deviation.

3、Magnetic guidance - The AGV controls moving by sensor detecting signal from the magnetic tape installed on the floor of operation area.

4、Ultrasonic positioning - 3 ultrasonic wave generators are installed at the fixed locations of operation area, AGV receives ultrasonic signal from them, calculates distance between AGV and other generators, figures out two-dimension coordinate of itself, then controls the vehicle.

5、Laser positioning - Similar to ultrasonic positioning, a reflecting board is installed at fixed location of operation area, a twistable laser receiver and generator is installed on the top of AGV, for detecting angle or distance between AGV and the reflecting boards, then the AGV two-dimension coordinate and direction are figured out according to the reflecting board coordinate.

6、Visual guidance - A developing technology, there are many visual guidance methods, a CCD camera is used for image collection from surrounding and ground, confirm the coordinate of itself by simulated image recognition for guidance.


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