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(1)Controlled parter, sometimes called executing device, is the back-wheel driving motor of AGV.

(2)Control variation, it’s for output quantity of duct polit, also for input quantity of controlled partner, marked as CV.

(3)Partner variation, marked as PV, is the value of feedback for controlled partner, here it’s the speed tested by the speed tester.

(4)Desire value, marked as SP, is the value of expected controlled variation. The good duct pilot is always keeping PV the same as SP.

The program flow of electric motor speed control system based on PID controller is:

Step one, read the current specific SP.

Step two, read PV, make the PV unit the same as SP unit.

Step three, deviation signal, which is SP minus PV, can be + or -. In this system, + means electric motor turns slowly, - means it turns quickly.

Step four, if the deviation signal is not zero, then it should be transferred into effective CV output according to PID calculation, in order to let control variation output closer to SP.

Step five, repeat previous steps.

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